Membership Benefits


Download a copy of the Application Form and send to the NZCS office with your payment. 

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Membership Grades 

The New Zealand Concrete Society offers five grades of membership to suit the different needs of various organisations and people. These grades comprise Business, Individual, Corporate Individual, Student and Retired. The different grades carry different benefits. 

All members will receive with their membership: 

- The right to vote and to stand for election to the Council.
- A subscription to the NZCS bi-monthly e-mail newsletter.
- A subscription to the newsletter of the Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand (published quarterly). 
- Discounted prices for NZCS and affiliated publications. 
- Reduced registration fees for NZCS organised seminars and conferences. 
- Discounted entry fee to participate in the bi-annual Concrete Awards. 
- Access to CCANZ technical library and information service. 
- Access to ACI and CIA publications, seminars and conferences at members rates. 
- A subscription to the fib notes (published quarterly). 

Business Member 

Business membership is sought by organisations committed to contributing to the advancement of concrete technology and construction and a desire to actively promote and participate in key industry issues.  In addition to the standard membership entitlements, business members receive: 

- Attendance at conferences and seminars for up to 5 people at the discounted member rate. 
- The right to stand for election as a business member representative on the NZCS Council. 
- A profile of your company included in the Business Members section of the NZCS website. 

It should be noted that the cost of business membership is quickly offset with discounted attendance by employees at NZCS conferences and seminars.

$545.00 + GST ($626.75 GST incl) per year

Individual Member 

The majority of the Society membership consists of individuals who have a strong interest in concrete technology and practice and fees are structured to enable full participation at a very reasonable cost. This grade of membership is vital to the concrete construction industry to ensure a broad level of knowledge and sharing of experiences.

$130.00 + GST ($149.50 GST incl) per year

Corporate Individual Member 

Corporate Individual membership is designed for organisations wishing to encourage those members of their staff who are sufficiently involved with the concrete industry to benefit from membership of the Society. 

To qualify for this discounted Individual Member category, the corporate involved appoints a company contact who provides and then updates on an annual basis the list of nominated employee members on the separate form enclosed (or available from NZ Concrete Society). There are three discount levels, 2-5 employees; 6-20 employees; and 20+ employees. Only applications endorsed by the company contact will be accepted for this discounted category.

Subscription per employee: 

2-5 employees: $120.00 + GST ($138 GST incl) per year 
6-20 employees: $100.00 + GST ($115 GST incl) per year
20+ employees: $80.00 + GST ($92 GST incl) per year

Student Member 

Student Membership is designed to enable students to belong to the Society and participate in seminars and conferences while students. They benefit from a broadening of their knowledge at an early stage and having the opportunity to interact with industry leaders, and perhaps, future employers.

$40.00 + GST ($46.00 GST incl) per year

Retired Member 

For a nominal fee, retired persons can maintain contact with the Society, continue to participate as desired and keep abreast of developments within the concrete construction industry.

$40.00 + GST ($46.00 GST incl) per year